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Laws You Must Buy (and sell and ship) By

I will preface this by saying my attorney won't let me advise you on the fine points of what you can and cannot do and the laws governing firearms transactions, but I will point you toward some basics.  I'm sure that's good because someone who should probably already be in prison will break the law, try to blame me for "leading them astray of their good intentions", and then get some low-life attorney to try and sue me for all the mental anguish I caused their client.  Don't ask me how I really feel about personal responsibility.

Speaking of personal responsibility, you are solely responsible for obeying the laws governing the purchase, sale, ownership and use of firearms.  The information below serves as a basic guideline only.

As far as the use of online venues to engage in finding firearms to buy or posting listing of firearms to sell, the basics are:

  1. If you can legally own a firearm and,
  2. Legally enter into a contract,

You can use an online venue to find what you are looking for or advertise what you want to sell.  The additional requirement on ShootersXchange.com, until we change our mind, is to sell firearms, you must be a FFL holder.

You must typically use a Federal Firearms License holder (FFL) to receive the gun if you are an unlicensed buyer, (see exceptions below).  You can find a FFL holder close to you by searching the various links we've given you on the Buyer's Tools page or go to your local gun shop and ask them if they would be willing to do this for you.  Be sure to find out what they charge for doing this.  If your local gun shop is hesitant, steer them to ShootersXchange.com.  We'll try to educate them of the advantages of doing business over the internet and how being a part of it will increase their business, not compete with it.

Prior to shipping a firearm to a FFL holder, the seller must get a copy of their Federal Firearms License - Signed in Ink, no photo copies or faxes.  We also give you a link to verify the FFL number with the BATF, (Check FFL#).

There are some exceptions to having to use FFL holders to receive a gun.  Those guns that are classified as "Antique" do not need a FFL transfer.  The antique classification, by definition includes a firearm manufactured before 1899 or a firearm for which ammunition is not generally available or a firearm incapable of firing cartridges which the BATF calls "Fixed Ammunition", (this would include modern muzzeloaders).

Class 3 weapons are more restricted, but you can own them.  The right ones have been an excellent investment as of late and If you are already into Class 3 weapons, you should know the ins and outs.  If you are not and want to look into owning this class of weapon (fully-automatic machine guns, etc...), I would advise you to get with a Class 3 dealer or someone who really knows the process.

The ATF also has a Federal Firearms Regulations Guide as well as a Laws and Ordinances Guide for each state .  Be sure to review these prior to making a purchase or sale.

Firearms Shipping Methods (They keep changing these links on us.  We'll try to keep current.)

US Postal Service:  Rifles and shotguns can be shipped by the US Postal Service.  Handguns can only be shipped through the US Postal Service by FFL holders.  For any parcel containing a firearm, any marking that indicates the contents is not permitted on the outside wrapper or container.  Ammunition cannot be shipped by the US Postal Service.  Be sure to read the USPS policy on shipping firearms prior to doing so.  Click Here for a link to the USPS site with that information.

Fed Ex:  Will ship firearms including handguns.  They must be shipped via Priority Overnight service.  They will ship Ammunition when shipped as "dangerous goods".  Click Here for a link to the Fed Ex site and their Terms & Conditions for shipping firearms.

UPS:  Will ship handguns via Next Day Air only.  Rifles and shotguns can be shipped by UPS ground service.  UPS will ship ammunition.  Click Here for a link to the UPS site and their Terms & Conditions for shipping firearms.

When shipping a firearm, you may have to demonstrate that is is unloaded prior to turning in over to the shipper.  Be sure you are prepared to do this and then repackage your item.

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